ready for lake-effect?

Harsh winters in the Upper Peninsula require snow removal equipment that can handle the job without getting stuck or breaking down. 

Visit our showroom to see the latest models. 

Abe Supply carries top-of-the-line snowblower brands for all types of jobs – from small, single-stage blowers to heavy-duty two-stage blowers that will handle the biggest storms of the season. 

We carry Ariens, Simplicity, and Toro snowblowers that were made to clear the Keweenaw’s annual 200-300 inches of snowfall. They were also built to last. With the right care, these machines will last generations. 

Don’t wait until the middle of winter to get your new snowblower. Stop by our showroom today to see the latest models. If we don’t have a specific model in stock, we’ll order it and have it ready for you as fast as we can. 

What Our Customers say

Todd Williams
Google Review
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"Friendly people and nice equipment. Filled up my new Ariens with gas and showed me how to use it. Even offered to deliver for free! They'll get any future business from me."